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Through the bleary-eyed nostalgia and giddy haze of Leicester City’s 2016 tittle triumph, it’s easy to overlook a rather less romantic consideration; what that moment has to tell us about the changing trends in Premier League points distributions. They are chased for excellence by Arsenal and Chelsea, two clubs that have managed to win an impressive three titles apiece. Blackburn has won the only remaining title (in the 1994-1995 season). To say that the best teams in history have been owned by only a handful of organizations is beyond understatement. But while not every team has attained the greatness of these in terms of accomplishments, many have just as much to be proud of in terms of tradition. For instance, the Aston Villa have been playing football since 1888, along with clubs Stoke City, West Bromwich, and Wolverhampton. Liverpool goes back not quite as far to 1894.

9 Titles won – There are four teams joint on 9 trophies, they include, Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion. Amongst these clubs, Leeds are the only team to win a trophy outside of England, winning the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, twice.

His departure seems long overdue and should finally come in January. There’s more than a handful of clubs in Europe that could use his services, and with UEFA doing Kim Porter funeral away with cup-tied  regulations in the Champions League, he could be one of the top impact players available on the market in mid-season.

“It is hard to find a news article on Congress these days in which the word ‘gridlock’ does not figure prominently. After months of tense negotiations, Congress and President Barack Obama barely avoided going over the fiscal cliff” in January, and their last-minute agreement leaves many more months of inconclusive bargaining to come. The legislative branch has yet to revise a national immigration policy that pleases no one, or even to pass a stripped-down version of pathway-to-citizenship legislation that enjoys widespread popular support.

Cimitan, L., and P.P. Rossi. 2004. Contributo allo studio dei fenomeni di carbonatazione sul calcestruzzo Contribution to the study of the carbonation phenomena on concrete. In Architettura e materiali del Novecento: Conservazione, restauro, manutenzione: Atti del Convegno di studi, Bressanone 13-16 luglio 2004, edited by Guido Biscontin and Guido Driussi, 749-56. Scienza e beni culturali 20. Marghera-Venezia: Arcadia ricerche.

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