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Cool, Hip, Affordable Buenos Aires (And When It’s Cold Here, It’s Hot There!)

Ipurua (also written Ipurúa), is an all-seater football stadium in Eibar, Spain, serving as the home ground of SD Eibar, currently playing at La Liga; the highest level in the Spanish football system. Fox Sports is no stranger to VR. The network broadcasted Super Bowl 51 via a virtual suite of sorts, for instance. Now Fox is taking that further with the CONCACAF Gold Cup soccer championship. The footie action starts July 8th with the USA vs. Panama match at 4:30 PM Eastern, and will continue with two as-of-yet unannounced games thereafter. Basically, it’s combining that social space from American football with its previous work of broadcasting what everyone else around the world calls football, in VR.

The original city known as Barcino was occupied by the Romans in the 2nd Century B. C., and as a result, present-day Barcelona has plenty of Roman ruins. An ancient wall looms over an open, city square. An entire Roman neighborhood lies under a centuries-old (yet relatively newer), medieval church, and another one is beneath the site of a once bustling, industrial-age street market. Barcelona’s history spans millennia, and it’s layers are exposed.

The Tigers were within three at halftime and had chances to hang in the game in the third quarter. But a bizarre fake field goal effectively ended eibar vs real madrid‘s chances at the win. The Tigers tried it inside Alabama’s 25 while trailing 31-14. This is how poorly it went.

Since 1983, the players have entered to the tune of Richard Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra” – known to some of you as the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and to some of you as the song that began every Elvis Presley concert from 1969 to 1977. This was a tradition started by Joe Morrison, the 1959-72 Giants running back who became South Carolina head coach in 1983, and died in office in 1989. There are 2 mascots: A costumed mascot named Cocky, and a live mascot named Sir Big Spur.

Playing his home games in the thin air of Coors Field and a torrid second half of the season were not enough to push Colorado Rockies right fielder Carlos Gonzalez past the 100 RBI line. Coming off a knee injury which cut short his 2014 campaign, Gonzalez got off to a slow start to the 2015 season and was briefly dropped as low as sixth in the batting order. Gonzalez eventually worked his way out of the slump, then went on an absolute tear after the All-Star break, crushing 27 homers with 62 RBIs in just 285 plate appearances. Gonzalez’s incredible rebound in the season’s latter half allowed the slugger to reach 40 longballs but his slow start doomed him to end the 2015 campaign shy of 100 RBI.

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